Thursday, February 18, 2010

☼Friday Fix It #2

Hey all!  I hope this finds you well and looking forward to the coming of spring!  I am amped up for the sounds of twittering from trees, the smell of the breeze through my windows, and thunderstorms!  Only a couple more weeks and it will be here! 

I also have a fun surprise in store for those who read this blog!  I am working my butt off to get it ready and decided to take a little break today to do some blogging-I missed you guys!

The wonderful people over @ I♥faces has given me another challenge and this one is not a fun one!  It strikes terror in the heart of photographers everywhere.  What is it you ask?  UNDEREXPOSURE! 

 AHHHHH!  Hee hee, well-it's true!  It can be pretty difficult to fix an underexposed photos.  Here are my solutions and I don't know if they are any good-but I thought I would try!

Thanks for looking and remember-Never let 'em get ya down!


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